#WYDKrakow TLC is All We Need by Hope Reyes

TLC is What We Need

Essay 1

It was my first time to join the World Youth Day and it was truly a blessing and a great privileged to be part of it this year in Poland where Saint John Paul II came from together with Saint Faustina. It is a wonderful time indeed to be part of WYD 2016!

I was very anxious at first because I didn’t know what to do and had no idea what to expect. But everything turned out the opposite of what I was so afraid about.

I thought I’d be leaving home, but when I arrived in Poland, I found my home away from home. The Litwinski family (during the Days in the Diocese) was more than accommodating, my partner and I became their daughters for the week and we had 6 brothers to live with; the first time in my life to have brothers in the family!

I learned a lot from staying with them and I was reminded of the privilege of being a daughter (or son to our parents; and a child of God) that we so often forget. Let us be reminded of TLC:

1. Trust.

When I stayed with the Litwinski’s, I was literally entrusting my whole life to them for a week. It is not easy to stay in a stranger’s house but with our foster family, we fit perfectly right in.

We have to trust God and our families completely, without any hint of a doubt, for “..what man is there among you, who, if his son were to ask him for bread, would offer him a stone; or if he were to ask him for a fish, would offer him a snake” (Mt. 7:9-10)

Our God knows what is best for us, and we should trust in His great plan for our lives completely. There may be some ups and downs along the way of life but rest assured that the end is all worth it, for His plans are always better than our plans.

2. Love.

The Litwinski family consists of 6 brothers and their parents, even though their kids are already all grown up, they are still a tightly knit family that does not hesitate to show affection in their everyday life. Most of the time, we seldom show affection thinking it to be too “baduy.”

Love: the thing we most often forget. Sometimes we are even more accommodating to strangers than to our own families. Do not forget to love. And to love means to love firstly our God, and his great gift of family to us.

“Honor your father and mother. And, you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Mt. 19:19) one of the most important yet disregarded commandments in the world. Let us spread God’s love to everyone, not only our families but to strangers we meet every day. For these strangers are also our brothers and sisters in Christ, thus they are no longer strangers, they are our family.

3. Charity.

Opening your home to strangers is a hard thing to do, and to love them for a short period of time is even more astounding, my Polish family did just that, they are a great example of charity.

Above all our obligations and responsibilities, we are first and foremost children of God. To be children of God means to share and spread His love and mercy to others. This can be done through corporal works of mercy. In our charitable works we are able to spread God’s grace thus reaching more and more people in a simple act that multiplies itself creating a chain reaction.

In this world, we should live simply. Let us not clatter our minds and hearts of unnecessary things that only clog up our hearts, making it hard for us to build relationships and opening up to other people, because of unnecessary fears. Let us remember to always have TLC in our lives, for God taught this to us first in the families he has bequeath to us.