(Eloisa Joy Aguila, CFC YFL Fulltimer)

God is a promise keeper. Beautiful how it works. God promises. We await, learn and become better persons during the whole waiting process. At the end of the day God fulfills that promise, in ways far greater than our imagination. Amazing.


Between the declaration of the promise and the fulfillment of that promise is a beautiful journey filled with experiences that bring out the best in us. While awaiting for the promise to happen, often times I would catch myself questioning. When Lord? Why? How? Is this still possible? Where? How long? How far? What more? And during these times God would never fail to hold my hand, shake my heart and tell me face to face, Wag kang matakot, Ako ang bahala sayo. Sagot kita, Joy.


And I would again remind myself and once more realize that all of these is about God. I do what I do because of God. I do the things I find hard to do because of God. I keep on pushing because of God. I dare venture things I have never done before because of God. I continue to give more because of God. I continue to seek more, to learn more, to love more, all because of God. All I have is from God and all there is to give, I offer solely to Him. I am here because of God. It starts and ends with God.


Before I know it, in His timing, the promise has been fulfilled. And I then I find myself amazed and humbled before the Lord once again. God knows our hearts. God keeps His promises. He even gives it in packages way more beautiful than how we imagined it to be. The promise will definitely come into fulfillment at His perfect time. There is beautiful wisdom behind everything, we just have to trust in God’s ways and timing.


Countless times in life, God would always move us to do impossible things. Hard to understand at times but God is upto something great. And yes, with His grace, we can truly do impossible things with Him and for Him. All we have to do is to take that risk of doing the impossible and believing that His grace will keep us and will enable us to make great things happen for Him. If it is for the Lord, then nothing can stop us.


God is my life inspiration and my sole motivation. It is all about Him loving me this much and myself loving Him with as much as I can with how I live my life. If doing these things that you want me to do Lord will shout out how much I love You, then make me do more for you. If deciding to say YES to Your will everyday of my life is an expression of my love for You, then grant me the grace to fearlessly do what You ask me to do each waking moment of my life. If this is how it works, then when it comes to serving and giving what I have for God, walang tipiran. Ibubuhos ko ang lahat lahat para kay Kristo. Buong buhay, habang buhay, kay Kristo lang.


There is so much of God’s love in my heart that I am moved to seek to do more for Him. Lord grant me the grace to desire Your will in my life. And so I pray, Lord, what more can I do for you? Reveal to me how more can I love You. Show me. Speak to me. Lead me there. And may I truly follow You all the days of my life. I desire to love You, to want You and to serve You more. Yes Lord, I will live for You.