YFL Ghana I Am Congress

YFL Ghana I am CongressOn Saturday, 4 December 2010 the youth wing of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life, Which is CFC – Youth for Family and Life, which is a Catholic Movement for all Christians across board, held their first CFCFFL National Conference in Ho, with the Theme : ( “The Almighty Lord Just and Righteous He Is….. I AM, taken from Job 37: 23” ) which pulled together a total of 1362 youth

The day started with arrival of various youths, student’s, parishes and Church’s in and out of the region. ( Ho).

It then followed by arrival of the invited guests and all the dignitaries in and outside the dioceses of Ho.

The day started joyfully with a Holy Eucharistic mass celebrated by Most Rev. Bishop Francis A. K. Lodonu. His homely was based on Isaiah 30:19 and Psalm 46, which he said “A big city we will live in without being destroyed is Jesus Christ whom we shall all follow. For the Lord is our protector”

The mass ended joyfully and cheerful as the participant rejoiced and sang high to praised the almighty Lord during the recession session.

The conference begun with an open prayer by Rev. Fr. Samuel kumah, Who committed the whole day’s activity into the hands of the almighty Lord, it was then followed by a welcome address by the Vicar General of Ho Dioceses and at the same time CFCFFL Spiritual director in Ghana, Monsignor Anthony Kornu, In brief he said political leaders are responsible for making life undesirable by promoting imperceptibility and its destruction, some religious leadership ,making it even worse, In line with this are suicide, drug abuse, armed robbery, etc. this are the issues that our youth of today are facing and how this problems can be solved with a possible solutions are what the CFCFFL’s facilitators are engaged in, since the youth are more concerned , he later advised them that we can change the world by standing up right for the calling.

Rev. Fr. Michael Joy Akposu then introduced the CFFFL leaders who organized the conference to the all the participant present.

It was then time for the participant to listen to their first talk titled “ LIVING A RIGHTEOUS LIFE ”,which was given by Rev. Fr. Jesse Amerdzi

This session reminded the youth present about the call to righteousness, ie he then asked the youth if their Heart, Mind and strength are pleasing to God. He encouraged the youth to carry a mark of holiness where ever they go.

After the first session various performances and musical interlude by the various group of people present was staged to entertain the participant at the hall, which led to their lunch period.

The participant really enjoyed their lunch with smiles on their faces.

The second session started right after a stage performance by one of the Catholic schools present, which also saw the coming in Bishop Lodonu who showed much love to the youth present by returning in the afternoon, which he stayed with us until the closure of the program.

These show how concern he is to flocks, by devoting his personal time out of his busy schedules to remind himself of being young and encouraged participants present.

Mr. Kupaolor a broadcast journalist gave the second session, “ The Great I AM ” He reminded the youth present that, in no matter the circumstance they find themselves , they are great, they should not look at their downfalls and remain there.

He then cited examples of great personalities we celebrate today did not achieved what there have today on a silver platter, but rather there straggled hard in life before they become who there are today.

In his speech, he reminded them that Job was a great man of God, so no matter where they find themselves today, there should strive hard and there would become great one day.

It was them followed by a drama titled the “ Righteous Heart ” by the student from Ho Polytechnic, the drama depicted the life of the youth today and how they are called to accept their call to a righteous heart.

After the various performance and song ministrations from the various participant present. The conference came to an end with vote of thanks given by of the student of Our Ladies of Apostolate, Then followed by closing payer by Madam Florence Ahaiyibor, the head of the Handmaids.

The participant departed the venue joyfully by socializing with the various group of people who where present.

Behold I make all things possible through Christ who strengthens me was message of the to us, who faithfully took as through the day one of the preparation for the conference until it came to a successful end.

Dignitaries that where present:

  1. Most Rev. Bishop Lodonu
  2. Rev. Fr.Msgr. Anthony Kornu
  3. Rev. Fr. Michael Joy Akposu
  4. Rev. Fr. Samuel Kumah
  5. Rev. Fr. Jesse Amerdzi
  6. Mr. Kwame Kupoalor

Participant where drawn from:

  1. Holy Spirit Catholic Church
  2. Sacred Heart Cathedral Catholic Church
  3. St James Catholic Church
  4. St Anthony Catholic Church
  5. St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
  6. Holy Rosary Catholic Church
  7. St Augustine Catholic Church
  8. St Peter and Paul Catholic Church
  9. St Cecilia Catholic Church
  10. St Peter and Clever Catholic Church
  11. St Francis Keta
  12. St Peters Catholic Osu
  13. St Augustine Catholic Church
  14. St Theresa Catholic Church Ho

Catholic Student union Present from the various schools

  1. Keta senior high School
  2. Anlo senior high school
  3. Anlo technical high school
  4. Zion collage
  5. Three Town senior high school
  6. Mawuli senior school
  7. OLA senior high school
  8. Mawuko senior high school
  9. St Prosper collage
  10. Ho Polytechnic
  11. Ho nurses training collage
  12. Koforiduia senigh high
  13. Government secreteriat


  1. Philip Akpo Junior high school
  2. Polic Depot lower and junior high
  3. Holy Spirit Junior high school
  4. Springs junior high
  5. Agbasafe Junior high
  6. Bankoe E.P Church of Christ
  7. The church of Pentecost
  8. R. C Girls

May Christ be praised;


  1. Mr. Richard Abogah National Youth Coordinator
  2. Mr. David Mensa National Singles Coordinator
  3. Mr. Peter Kukah National Couples coordinator
  4. Rev.Fr. Anthony Kornu Spiritual Director
  5. Rev. Fr. Moses Mary Apreku Chaplain