YFL Singapore Immersion 2012

A two-day Immersion Program for YFL Singapore in the Philippines, 31 March to 1 April 2012.

The CFC-FFL (YFL) Singapore has book our flights initially for the upcoming World Youth Congress. However, due to sudden change in dates, we change the purpose of our visit in our hometown for an Immersion Program.

If the people in the restoration villages can appreciate what little they have and willing to give themselves out there because of their faith in God’s plans, why can’t I?

It was said that people do come in our lives for a reason. And now, I believe in that saying. I know now that God will lead us to them. These are the people that will help us to grow. And if we open our hearts and we help them in return, they would change us to be better, stronger and to become more joyful people.

These people are the Jesus in our lives (and I found mine in the trip) and help us to proudly say, “I choose God, I choose Life and I am God’s child.”

by Juan Enrico Feliciano
for YFL Singapore