You deserve this!

(Julius Eguia, CFC YFL FTW)

All throughout the World Youth Day, my prayers to God, why am I here? What are your plans for me? Lord, I don’t deserve this! But the Lord always affirms me that “you deserve to be here, because I wanted to”. This WYD experience has been one of the highlights of my life. The Lord allows us to see how great He is in all the youth in the world. Truly God manifested His power and greatness in all situations we’ve experienced. Even under the 40 degrees heat of the sun, long walks, eating unusual foods but at the end of the day, the Lord gives what’s best for us! In every exodus there is a promise land.

This WYD allowed me to explore more about my faith, learned more about it and strengthened it more. The Pope calls us to be planted and rooted in Jesus Christ, to be more firm in our faith. For whatever situation of our faith right now, God wants us to be more standing firm from it! Many are attacking the Church right now and God wants us to be the living witness for those who doesn’t know Christ. He wants us to realize that there’s nothing to fear about because there’s nothing He can’t do! We just have to open our hearts to His presence and you will make things that you can’t imagine you can do! That’s how strong our God is!

Still, I really can’t believe that all of these experiences were given to me by my God. Traveling in 5 countries in 2 weeks, being in the place where Our Lady of Fatima appeared, seeing the beautiful churches in Madrid and seeing the Pope personally! Can’t help but shout to the Lord how grateful I am to be part of this! There’s a lot of person more deserving than I am but still the Lord chooses me. For whatever reason, I just promised to him to give my all for Him. All of these experiences have nothing compared to what the Lord has done to me.

Let’s continue to fight for our faith! Stand firm with it! God deserves our everything! Just like He always tells us every day “You deserve all this things happening to you because that’s how I love you”.