Young Ministries appointments

My dear brethren, moving on beyond 30 years, our community is fortunate to have so many young brethren who have taken their place in servant leadership, assuring the continuity of our work through the years in the strength of God.

I take this opportunity to announce the appointment of the following:

SFL Int’l Coordinator — Jepoy Meneses






YFL Int’l Coordinator — Cocoi Javier

KFL Int’l Coordinator — JC Sarmiento

These Family Ministries comprise our Young Ministries, which is headed by Joseph Tesoro. Joseph assists our 3 brethren in their service, and looks to greater coordination and integration with regard to transitions between ministries. All are under the oversight of the Family Ministries Int’l Coordinator, Bob Murga.

Please extend your full support to our brethren, and keep them constantly in your prayers.

God bless.



  1. Brothers great joy to feel the presence of God in all of you in your dealings, in their prayers, praises and the wonderful organization of all activities for the 30 years of CFC-FFL. Let's show our charisma that great love of God living in us.
    José Mestas (Joe)

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